Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This is only the beginning!



My blog of all the video games I play and upload for my viewers to enjoy!

Last Update: 08/21/2013
Reason: Modified Last Man on Earth (Left 4 Dead 2 - Mutation) and this page.

(Yes, the top left corner looks weird .. That was the only way I could arrange the pics without messing everything up...)

Hello everybody, my name is Anthony Santana, and welcome to my little side project titled
"Anthony Plays: _________!"

Why did I choose to use my name for my channel?
I've been using the same YouTube account for as long as I can remember having it, but I didn't like the username that I created it with... I created it with the username Pkflare101 (Don't judge =P).
Closer to when I started uploading Let's Plays, I connected my YouTube account to my Google+ account/
I was given the chance to change my name on both Google+ and YouTube together, but every time I put a username that I wanted to use, Google+ kept denying it...
So instead, I decided to leave it as my name.
And that's how my YouTube channel continued (I had some music uploaded before LPs).

On this blog, I will be sharing links to videos I upload on my YouTube Channel.

As acceptance of being a YouTube, Machinima, and RPM Partner, I have decided to make this blog to someday reach my goal of 1,000+ subscribers within the time period of one year (Jan. 2, 2014)!

The number may be a bit high for my goal time, but you gotta start small to become something big.
I'm not hoping of to be very big, so a goal of 1,000 subscribers is a good amount to achieve.

I hope you enjoy my blogs, as well as my uploads to YouTube!

For a list of games (incomplete), click on the link below:

Please feel free to leave any comments regarding as to how I can make my videos/commentary better.
All opinions matter, even the negative ones.

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Great News!

A group of friends and I are merging together to create the brand spankin' new Game Cribz!
The only problem will be transferring everything from my Blog on to the page that will be created.
More will be posted soon regarding the group.

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